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Christian Learning Series: Unbelievable-- Asking and Answering Questions About Faith

Do you ever get uncomfortable talking about God? Join us for a new Christian Learning Series exploring common questions about faith, and examining the Christian response. We’ll take an understanding and positive approach to these questions—which many of us have asked ourselves— and will dive into scripture, tradition, history, and reason to try and find answers. Join us downstairs at 9:00 am for this discussion! 

  • July 1: “If God made everything who made God?”
  • July 8: “Hasn’t the Bible been disproved by science?” 
  • July 15: “If I’m a good person, do I really need a Savior?” 
  • July 22: “If Christians are all about love, why are there so many religious conflicts?  
  • July 29: “I’m very spiritual. Why would I need to go to church?” 
Earlier Event: June 5
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