Serving the World

Jesus’ command to love our neighbor is an essential part of our faith life. At St. Luke’s, there are many opportunities to serve our community, country, and world. If you are interested in these ministries, or have ideas about how to help, please contact us



The Auburn Interfaith Food Closet provides nutritious food and related resources to people in our community who are unable to afford them. There are currently 19 faith-based organizations working together to operate the Food Closet. Volunteers from participating congregations and the surrounding community manage the day-to-day operations.

Donations of food and other items are crucial for Food Closet operations. St. Luke’s collects donations weekly as part of our offertory. Click here for suggested donations. For more ways to help, please contact us or visit the Food Closet website.



The Gathering Inn’s team of dedicated professionals strive to provide homeless women, men, and families with dignity and support in becoming active members of the community, by helping them identify and address the problems that have made them homeless. St. Luke’s supports the ministries of The Gathering Inn by donating our time and talent, and by providing meals. If you would like to assist with this ministry, please contact us.


Prosper Placer

Prosper Placer is an ecumenical community ministry that aims to empower local families with the skills needed to overcome poverty. Volunteer allies meet regularly with families, supporting them in meeting their goals by assisting with problem solving, and by providing helpful resources. St. Luke’s is a founding member of Prosper Placer and provides financial support for training and resources. If you are interested in helping with this important community ministry, please contact us.

American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem

The American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem is an organization devoted to building hope and peace by financially supporting Episcopal education and healthcare efforts in the Holy Land.

Available to all, these schools and hospitals are an important witnesses of peace, cooperation, and a nonviolent future. St. Luke’s supports AFEDJ by giving specifically to the “Children for Peace” program, which brings together Jewish, Muslim, and Christian children to build friendships and mutual understanding. For more information, please contact us.



St. Luke’s is proud to sponsor parishioner Phil Mulford as our missionary to Liberia. As a part of his ministry, Phil and his wife Kathleen traveled to Monrovia, Liberia with medical supplies, vestments, and a drilling rig. Phil works to build relationships, to distribute supplies, and to train and assist local crews in running the drilling rig to dig new wells for rural villages. St. Luke’s hopes to establish an ongoing relationship with parishes in Liberia and to host Liberian clergy during travel and visits to the U.S. If you would like more information on our mission to Liberia, please contact us