Serving Others

The people of St. Luke’s give their time and talent in service to the church and to the world. There are many ways to help out! No matter what your skills or ability level, there is something you can do to help with church functions and to make the world a better place. These pages describe the different service ministries at St. Luke’s. 


Outreach Ministries 

Jesus’ command to love our neighbor is an essential part of our faith life. At St. Luke’s, there are many opportunities to serve our community, country, and world. Click to learn more about these ministries and to see what you can do to help.


Community Ministries

We strive to welcome, serve, and minister to all members of our parish family, whether they've been a member for years or are visiting for the first time. Click to learn more about how we help one another. 


Music Ministries

Beautiful music is an important part of our worship life. Musicians and singers of all levels of experience use their passion and talents to lead the congregation in praising God through song. 


Worship Ministries

Our weekly worship depends on the dedication of those who call this place their home. Find out what you can do to help make our worship beautiful!