Grow Together

The people of St. Luke’s are always finding ways to grow in our life with God, and in fellowship with one another. With opportunities for Christian education, hospitality, and groups for women and men, there are many ways to connect with others at St. Luke’s. 


Grow Through Prayer

Prayer is an important part of our faith life. We believe that prayer has the power to transform our lives and deepen our life with Christ and one another. 


Children and Youth

We believe that learning, worshiping, teaching, and growing with children and youth of all ages is an important part of our faith life. There are opportunities for children of all ages to learn together at St. Luke’s.

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Christian Learning

We are always seeking to deepen our faith, theological understanding, and grasp of Scripture. At St. Luke’s, there is a learning opportunity for people of all ages and levels of interest. For more information about any of these classes or programs, please contact us.


Fellowship Opportunities

Community is an important part of our faith and life as a church. There are many opportunities to gather together outside of our regularly scheduled worship. This gives us a chance to share our lives, troubles, and triumphs. Everyone is welcome!


Devotional Societies 

While all prayer is important, we believe that praying in community with others can be especially beneficial. At St. Luke’s, there are several groups and ways to grow in faith together.