Wait. Hope. Connect. 

Resources for Advent 


Advent is a time of waiting and preparation for the birth of Jesus. This makes it a great time to try to deepen our connection with the church, God, and one another. Below are some ideas for ways to connect more deeply during this holiday season. If you would like more information about any of these, please contact us

Connect to the Church

Engaging with the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion can help connect us to the Church around the world. Consider committing to reading Episcopal news for a few minutes every day in Advent. Online Episcopal news websites include the following:

If you prefer to read news on paper, consider subscribing to an Episcopal magazine: 

Connect to Prayer

Advent is a wonderful time to take up a new spiritual practice such as daily prayer. Making time for God daily can help us slow down in a culture that is always in a hurry.

The Daily Office (Morning and Evening Prayer) is held at St. Luke’s Wednesday–Saturday. If you can’t make it to St. Luke’s, here are some tools to help you pray the Daily Office at home:

  • The Book of Common Prayer
  • Hour by Hour—Small, affordable book with prayers for every day of the week. Prayers are condensed from the Book of Common Prayer.
  • The Daily Office Book—Two-volume set that contains the Office, Psalter, Prayers, and Collects, as well as the texts of the readings for both years in the Revised Standard Version of the scriptures
  • The Contemporary Office Book—One-volume Rite II Daily Office book that contains the psalms, necessary prayers, and collects, and the New Revised Standard Version of the scripture readings
  • Daily Prayer for All Seasons—Short forms of daily prayer for different times of the day and different seasons of the church year 

There are also a number of Daily Office smartphone applications so that you can take the Daily Office on the go: 

Supplement daily prayer with additional devotions for prayer and reflection that can be found in the following:

  • Forward Day by Day—Available online and in print at St. Luke’s
  • St. Augustine’s Prayer Book—Traditional Anglo-Catholic devotions, PDF and leather bound 
  • A Great Cloud of Witnesses—Prayers and information for all saints on the Episcopal calendar, as well as prayers and information for other important Christian figures in America and the Anglican Communion

Praying together is also a beautiful way to celebrate Advent. Consider forming an Advent prayer and fellowship circle with friends or colleagues. St. Luke’s and Bethlehem Lutheran will offer sung Holden Evening Prayer services on Wednesdays in Advent at Bethlehem Lutheran Church.

Connect to Scripture and Worship 

Advent is a beautiful and holy season, and it is a great time to invite a friend or family member to come worship with you at St. Luke’s, or to one of our special services. Before Holden Evening Prayer, we will have a potluck supper at Bethlehem Lutheran, and Fr. Brian and Pastor Ron from Bethlehem Lutheran will lead an Advent Bible Study.

Advent music can be a great way to focus the heart and mind on the season. These playlists contain songs that range from majestic choirs to folk hymns: 

Connect to the Church Year 

Using a liturgical day planner is a good way to incorporate the Liturgical year into your daily life. Advent is the beginning of the Christian year, so this is a good time to get a new calendar, learn more about the feasts and fasts of the church, and connect to readings daily.